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Learn All About Roman Blinds A.K.A Roman Shades!

Roman shades are perhaps one of the more underappreciated window treatments out there, but for many homes, they are a stylish, functional option that can set a room apart. In fact, as this HGTV gallery shows, Roman shades can lend an elegant feel to virtually any type of room. To learn more about them, just keep reading.

The Key Feature

The key feature of traditional Roman blinds is that they are controlled with a drawstring. When pulled, the drawstring causes the folds of the blind to collapse upward or unfurl downward, like an accordion moving in one direction. The shades produce an orderly, folded look when they are open (and letting light in) but lay flat when closed (and blocking light). Either way, the look is a clean one.

The Materials in Roman Shades

Roman shades vary is in the fabric or material they consist of. Example materials include linen, cotton and chenille. Some even incorporate wood.

The Price of Roman Shades

As you might expect, different Roman shades come in at different price points. Heavier, more durable, handmade Roman shades will be pricier but of higher quality than those constructed on a tighter budget, using inexpensive components.

Liner Options

Many times, people are interested in how Bay Area roman shades can block light. With the proper lining, they can perform quite well at shielding a room from the sun. But if you want a more transparent appearance, you can forego the lining. And keep in mind that because Roman shades are easy to fold up, you can always use a liner to block light but open the shades when you’d like to see the sun. With blackout, privacy and no lining choices, you are sure to find something you like for each room.

Control Options

Though the traditional model uses manual controls—i.e., you pull on the drawstring yourself—some setups use automated systems to pull the shades up or down. These can even have remote controls, allowing for even greater ease of use.

Getting the Roman Shades You Need

Interested in giving these exciting window treatments a shot? Drapes Place is a San Francisco roman blinds supplier that would be glad to meet your needs. To look at our offerings, click here, and to get in touch, just send us a message or call (415) 723-1022.

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