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Looking to Upgrade Your Bedroom Decor?

Almost everyone spends lots of time in their bedroom, so it’s only natural if you want yours to look its best. This post will give you some ideas—involving everything from storage to bedroom curtains—that’ll help you spruce up your bedroom.

1. Store Items Cleverly

Letting clutter build up in your bedroom will gradually make it a less relaxing space. The good news is that there are plenty of clever bedroom storage solutions that you can copy. For instance, if your bedroom has an awkward corner, Homes and Gardens suggests converting that into storage space: It’s likely not usable for another purpose, so why not use it to keep other areas free? Additional ideas include under-bed storage and walk-through wardrobes.

2. Invest in Blackout Curtains

If you don’t already have blackout bedroom curtains, now may be the time to invest in them. That’s because these window treatments can help block both light and sound, helping create a more controlled, peaceful sleeping environment. Today, they’re available in tons of colors, so you can match them to virtually any scheme.

3. Let Your Bed Shine

Along with blackout curtains and storage, another way you can upgrade your bedroom is by focusing on perhaps its most important element: the bed itself. A statement bed can tie an entire bedroom together, per Homes and Gardens, while headboards can add even more style. Besides, given how much time you’ll spend in your bed compared to on other furniture, why not make a big investment in it?

4. Implement Wall Lights

If you’re able, installing wall lights offers great bang for your buck. Lights that hang directly on a wall won’t get in the way, as table or floor lamps might, thus freeing up your bedroom. Additionally, given the plethora of options out there, you can find the perfect fit for your style.

5. Pay Attention to the Color

By picking the right elements, such as bedspreads and curtains, in certain colors, you can create a unified color palette without breaking your budget. For a relaxing vibe, among other options, The Spruce recommends pairing blues with whites or grays.

Contact Drapes Place for Your Blackout Curtains

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