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Looking for Better Sleep? These Tips Will Help!

Research shows that over a third of adults experience short-term or chronic insomnia. The environment is a major factor in sleep quality, so considering how you can redesign your bedroom with blackout curtains and other amenities to make it more conducive to slumber is an effective method of improving your sleep without drugs. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this.

Select Appropriate Colors

The colors that you paint your bedroom affect the quality of your sleep. Silver, gray, green, light blue, and other cool colors are conducive to slumber, while red, purple, and other garish hues promote anxiety instead of calm. Flat rather than glossy finishes help colors remain soft.

Emphasize Quietness

To diminish noise, especially if you sleep with a partner, place plush rugs such as shag, wool, or fur in your bedroom. Upholstered furniture also contributes to quietness. The white noise and gentle movement of a ceiling fan promotes relaxation and helps you sleep.

Limit Activities

Your bedroom should be associated with sleep and relaxing and pleasing activities, not with other activities that cause you to become alert and stressed. With this in mind, declutter your room of stimulating objects such as books, unfinished work, and electronics. In particular, it is important to be able to remove or hide electronics from your sleeping area; they are not only distracting, but they also often have lights that prevent you from sleeping.

Invest in a Quality Mattress

For the sake of your sleep as well as your overall health, invest in a high-quality mattress. It should be comfortable but also provide the proper support for your spine. If you have a bed partner, be sure your mattress is large enough so that you both have sufficient space to easily move.

Select Appropriate Bedding

The bedding that you select should depend on your personal predilections. For instance, some people insist on white sheets, while others prefer sheets with colors that are less reflective. Some like sheets with high thread counts, but hot sleepers find these uncomfortable. Go with what seems most comfortable to you.

Darken the Room with Window Coverings

Quality window coverings are essential for blocking light from your bedroom. If you install blackout bedroom curtains, you can be assured of a dark room that is conducive to getting good sleep.

Looking for Custom Curtains?

For custom curtains appropriate for any bedroom, contact Drapes Place, a San Francisco-based custom drapes and curtains company.

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