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Homeowners love Roman shades for a variety of reasons. They are attractive and efficient, for starters. If you are thinking about which type of covering to choose for the windows in your home, consider the many benefits of selecting Roman shades Bay Area.

Roman Blinds Are Energy Efficient

When you choose Roman blinds as your window covering, you can count on improved energy efficiency. Some materials used in making these shades allow you to block out the sun entirely if you wish. When the temperatures turn cooler in the winter months, you can pull the shades open to receive additional heating from the sun. Either way, Roman shades help to maintain an ideal temperature in your home and save money on heating and cooling costs.

Safety First

Certain types of window coverings present a safety hazard due to low-hanging cords. This problem can be especially prevalent in shades or blinds, but this is not the case with the Roman style. You have the option to purchase motorized Roman shades with a cordless operating system if you are concerned a child or pet could become tangled in the window cords. Remote operation is even safer yet because you never have to open or close your windows by hand.

You Can Easily Control Fading

Years of sun exposure can eventually cause your drapes to fade. This is also true of furniture, walls, and carpets. The easiest way to avoid this problem with your Roman drapes is to control the amount of sunlight coming into your home to slow or prevent the process of fading.

Roman Shades Look Great in Any Room

One thing homeowners really seem to appreciate about Roman blinds and shades is their versatility. With so many fabric and color options to choose from, it is easy to decorate each room according to your tastes and whether you are going more for more of a formal or informal look.

Contact Drapes Plus Today

Deciding whether you want Roman shades or Roman drapes is only the beginning. You also need to choose the color, types of fabric, and several other customization options. We offer customizable Roman shades to our customers. We provide an interactive feature that allows you to customize your purchase from the comfort of your own home. Please contact us with additional questions or to request free swatches. Drapes Plus is conveniently located in South San Francisco.

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