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Looking to Save on Energy Bills?

Nobody likes high utility bills or noise pollution entering their home. But a simple home improvement can reduce both problems: Blackout curtains offer a combination of noise blocking and energy savings that is tough to beat.

Energy Savings

While blackout curtains can work in concert with solar energy systems and other high-tech efficiency upgrades, as a standalone option, they are among the most affordable steps you can take toward boosting your home’s efficiency. The energy-saving power of blackout curtains comes in part from their ability to block UV rays and sunlight. (As an added bonus, blocking those also can reduce fading and other sun-related harm, helping your belongings last longer.) Because less sun enters the home when blackout curtains are in the way, less heat will enter, too, and therefore your A/C system will have to do less work.

In winter, meanwhile, blackout curtains can serve to trap heat when they are closed. That’s because blackout curtains typically are made of thick material that acts like a blanket, keeping warm air in your home.

Noise (and Light) Reduction

Noise reduction is another reason many people choose blackout curtains. One great spot for these window treatments is the bedroom, as blackout bedroom curtains can help create a quieter sleeping environment. (They’ll also block external light, making it even easier to fall asleep!) Blackout curtains aren’t just for the bedroom, though. They can be of use virtually anywhere you need a quiet environment, such as a home studio or media room.

People with atypical schedules often find blackout curtains particularly helpful. For instance, someone who works at night and sleeps during the day can use blackout curtains to simulate night by blocking the daylight. Plus, they’ll help block all the normal daily noise that happens in the morning and afternoon. That said, people with “normal” sleep schedules also find blackout curtains of use: Anyone can benefit from a darker, quieter bedroom!

Contact Drapes Place for Blackout Curtains 

If you’re in search of high-quality blackout curtains for sale, please check out our selection at Drapes Place. We carry not only blackout curtains but also many other window treatment types, including drapes. To get started, just tell us what you’re looking for, check out our online customization tool, or go ahead and request free sample swatches. We’re eager to help you find the perfect window treatments!

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