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Sleep Benefits of Blackout drapes

One of the components of healthy living is adequate, uninterrupted sleep and it really is non-negotiable. How unhealthy and unpleasant is interrupted sleep due to light or noise? If you cherish your sleep like I do, then I know exactly how you feel. Not to worry, once a problem arises, solutions pop up and things get back in order. So, a solution to your worry is here and it’s called Blackout drapes!

You ask, what is that? We all love a beautiful home, which is why drapes or curtains are vital in accessorizing our homes. These drapes, in addition to performing aesthetic functions can also be useful in enhancing a healthy lifestyle. The Blackout drapes are a special kind of drape that are used to keep out light from the sleeping area or other areas where used. To learn more about different kinds of drapes check out

Blackout drapes are drapes (two or more layers of cloth) made from Blackout fabrics. They are used to keep out light from places like bedrooms, media rooms, and so on. The very existence of light is a threat to uninterrupted sleep and the only way to get rid of the threat is to block out the light, hence, the use of blackout drapes. In this write up, we are going to learn the sleep benefits of blackout drapes. Fasten your belt and enjoy the read!

How are Blackout drapes and shades different from other drapes?

Yes, there are several types of drapes and shades, ranging from room lighting drapes to thermal drapes, and room darkening drapes to blackout drapes. But, what differentiates the Blackout drapes from these other types of drapes? Blackout drapes are made with a layer of opaque foam material sewn in to the lining as a layer of the drape. Unlike other drapes that are transparent or made from bright colors, its opacity prevents light from entering areas by absorbing the light rays from the sun or other light sources.

Due to their unique features, Blackout drapes help to reduce heat and can prevent aging of home furnishings by light. To keep other sources of light from entering the media room or any other room, the blackout drapes are used as they allow you to focus on the only source of light in the room. Other drapes reflect light from every angle, scattering light around and increasing distractions.

Blackout drapes have a density that allows them to insulate wherever they are placed. This density allows them to reduce noise, save energy, as well as reduce heat and radiation from the sun. Blackout drapes are the best option for an uninterrupted sleep in your bedroom and enjoyable movie in your movie theatre. Families with newborns and children will also benefit from Blackout drapes as they keep light out of their rooms, reduce noise, save energy and reduce the amount of heat and radiation generated from sunlight.

Blackout drapes come in various colors and styles, so no need to worry about having your home looking like a Halloween haunted house with a number of dark drapes. All you need is to install a layer of blackout fabric in your beautifully colored drapes to keep your home in check. In fact, you may not be able to tell the difference between your blackout drapes and other drapes, except from an uninterrupted sleep, great movie and prolonged shelf life of your home furnishings.

So, what are the sleep benefits of blackout drapes?

Melatonin Production

Ever heard of the ‘sleep hormone’? Well, here you have it, Melatonin is the hormone that helps to initiate and maintain sleep in humans. The natural phenomenon of ‘24 hours make a day’ theory is that we have daytime and nighttime. It is a rhythm that is maintained by certain chemicals in the body such as Melatonin. Melatonin is produced from an amino acid and released by the pineal gland in the brain.

It is produced throughout the day with its peak values at night, signifying to the brain that it’s nighttime, therefore, bed calls. Melatonin peaks at night due to the reduced amount of light entering the eyes. This signals to the brain that there is reduced light exposure, increasing melatonin production, hence, initiating and maintaining sleep. This goes further to say that reduced exposure to light increases melatonin production and is released from the pineal gland and vice versa.

So what happens when you have to work at night? The dimmed light rays which dilate the pupils, help suppress melatonin production, this is why those working on their laptops or with phones, hardly have issues. What happens to those that work night shifts and sleep during the day? How do they initiate and maintain an uninterrupted sleep? They have to sleep in areas where light from the sun or other sources is blocked from entering. This is when Blackout drapes are extremely helpful.

With the specialty of blackout drapes keeping out unwanted light, melatonin can be produced in high quantity during the day by signaling to the brain there is less or no exposure to light. Even at night when the surrounding outside lights are still on and you need to sleep, blackout drapes will prevent light from interrupting your sleep while keeping melatonin production in check.

blackout curtains

Reduce Noise Pollution

There is no such thing as a quiet neighborhood, unless there are no kids, people, cars, pets or natural elements (water, air, earth). Every part of the world, be it rural, suburban or urban areas experience noise pollution, just to varying degrees. But how do you enjoy your sleep time when at the littlest noise, you are awake? Never worry, Blackout drapes to the rescue!

What happens when it’s your bedtime and there ‘s a party nearby? What happens when it’s the weekend and you come back from your night shift while your neighbors’ loud kids are playing outside? What happens when you really have to complete a project and can’t afford any distractions? What happens when you just want a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep? Blackout drapes say not to worry, everything is under control!

Blackout drapes have a special density, which allows them to insulate your room and reduce surrounding noise. With blackout drapes you are guaranteed uninterrupted sleep. True comfort only exists when noise disappears and blackout drapes are the perfect solution for a comfortable sleep. While watching a movie, blackout drapes can be used to drown out external noises.

In summary, blackout drapes act as a soundproof barrier and have been tested to reduce up to 99% of external noises. You are safe if you work the night shift or have loud neighbors or live across from one of the busiest roads. Your sleep is of utmost importance, hence, must be devoid of distractions. Enjoy a comfortable sleep and never mind about noise with Blackout drapes!

Temperature Culture

On hot sunny days, you want your home to be cooler than outside and have a hideout to keep you cool and safe. On cold or rainy days, you want your home to be cozy and warm so you can cuddle up with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Well, you can with Blackout drapes. Keeping the temperature constant in your home can be achieved easily with Blackout drapes.

So how does it work? Blackout drapes are made from special materials that help regulate the temperature in your room. During hot or sunny climates, blackout drapes repel heat from the sun and help keep your room cool, fresh and comfortable. In cold or rainy climates, blackout drapes retain heat and keep your room cozy and warm, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Most people spend money on fueling their chimneys and installing heaters, whereas blackout drapes save you the extra cost and still maintain the temperature culture you desire. Sleep is best enjoyed when your body is comfortable and you are not tossing and turning, or hiding under the covers trying to get as much heat as possible. You can rest comfortably and visit the dream world with blackout drapes holding the fort!

The perfect temperature puts your body and mind in the right state, enhancing your sleep status and invariably contributing to a healthy life. The one way to ensure that your room will constantly be in the right temperature state is by having blackout drapes installed. This is a huge benefit you can’t afford to miss out on.


Feeling great about yourself increases your self-esteem and makes you more productive. A healthy life provides you with the euphoria that comes with feeling great. You are not grumpy at work and can produce innovative ideas as well as execute your duties diligently. What more can you ask for? Your family enjoys your presence more and more, your friends want to hang out with you all day; in short your world is just superb!

You have control over your life. You are healthy and your sleep pattern is perfect as you can sleep anytime you want without worry. All thanks to Blackout drapes, the ambiance around you is perfect! When you have the ability to sleep whenever you want to, feeling refreshed and revitalized after a stressful day or night, you will be in high spirits and your energy will rub off on anyone and everyone you come into contact with.

But, how do you ensure that you have control over your sleep time? With Blackout drapes, it’s very possible as you can turn anytime of the day and any season of the year to your night and make the most of it. This is what being in control is all about. Blackout drapes can help you create your own routine; sleep when you want and feel peaceful in the knowledge that you are in control.

You can even create a nighttime routine for your family and help them achieve optimum health status. When you eat well, work well and sleep well, a healthy life is guaranteed. This is one of the best sleep benefits of blackout drapes you must know about.

Now, we have learnt the sleep benefits of blackout drapes, you can decide its importance. If you have trouble sleeping as a result of unwanted light, too much noise, uncomfortable temperature changes, and all sorts, then blackout drapes are the best solution. They may be more expensive than other types of drapes but they are worth it with their light- blocking, energy-saving, noise-reducing, temperature and thermal control effects. Put simply, they’re the best!

Sleep is so important, and uninterrupted, peaceful sleep is something many people are missing out on these days. Blackout drapes can guarantee you an uninterrupted, peaceful sleep that will enhance your lifestyle and keep you feeling good about yourself. Your family is important, so help them achieve a healthy lifestyle with blackout drapes. Once you experience Blackout drapes, you’ll be telling all your friends. Don’t be sleep deprived; there is a solution.

Blackout drapes come in different colors and styles and alongside their other benefits, can enhance the overall look of your home décor. Check out more on Blackout drapes here.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle includes adequate sleep. Don’t let anything threaten your sleep and embrace that which will foster a good sleeping habit – just like Blackout drapes.

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