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Here are Some Tips on Choosing Colors for Your Rooms

Custom drapes and curtains can be a way to inject liveliness, class, and style into your home. But which colors should you choose for those and other elements of the house? This article provides some advice that can guide you to answers to that question.

Use a Color Wheel

When choosing patterns, a color wheel is a good place to start, according to My Move. A color wheel is segmented into primary colors (which are red, yellow, and blue); secondary colors (which are green, orange, and purple); and tertiary colors (which are mixtures of primary and secondary colors). Secondary colors are created when “equal parts of two primary colors are combined.”

With the types of colors in mind, you can choose from one of these four types of color scheme:

  • Monochromatic schemes employ tones of the same color as well as white and black. For instance, white custom curtains in a San Francisco home could pair well with a room that is otherwise made up of tones of another color.
  • Analogous schemes use colors that are “neighbors on the color wheel,” per Color Psychology. An analogous scheme can create a harmonious feeling.  
  • Contrast schemes involve “a triad of contrasting colors,” as My Move puts it. That creates a colorful, energetic appearance.
  • Complementary color schemes, meanwhile, use a pair of opposite colors—such as orange and blue—for dramatic flair.

Mimic Large Patterns

Another viable way to get started is by focusing on patterns. At the DIY Network, Kathy McCleary recommends looking to a given space’s largest pattern for inspiration. For instance, as McCleary advises, if the room hosts a “large piece of artwork,” you can “pluck the colors” that speak to you from it. The same goes for oriental rugs or upholstery with striking patterns. 

Try New Things

It’s possible to try out different colors without doing something as drastic as repainting the walls. For instance, vibrant bedroom curtains can add a noticeable splash of color. You can also pick up a large number of paint swatches from a hardware or paint store, then see what looks best in your home.

Use Neutrals

While vibrant colors often draw the eye, neutrals—like white, gray, and black—have a role to play as well. They can support, highlight, and contrast other colors or even form the basis of a color scheme on their own. Looking for an easy way to add a neutral color to a room? Consider ordering custom San Francisco drapes and curtains.

Trust Your Sense of Style

The aforementioned guidelines will help, but in the end, don’t be afraid to trust your gut. Your personal tastes will go a long way toward choosing the best color scheme for your home. Following our own sense of style will help us to feel comfortable and at peace in our homes. 

Are You Looking for Custom Drapes and Curtains in San Francisco?

Contact us at Drapes Place! You can view our “Customizer” on our website to design your own curtains. If you want to see the colors in person first, visit our Free Swatches page and we’ll send you samples to ensure you will be happy with your choice! Give us a call at 415-723-1022 or email us at

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