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Consider These Things When Choosing Curtains

Because it’s so easy to get custom curtains online and because there are so many options to choose from, many customers wonder which color(s) are best for their home. There is no one-size-fits-all answer: Your goals for a particular room’s aesthetic and mood as well as its non-curtain elements will all play a role in your choice of curtain color. So will your personal color preferences—after all, everyone likes some colors more than others! With that said, these guidelines can help you narrow down your options.

Consider the Style

If you’re going for a particular style in a room, that can be one way to guide your color choices. For instance, in a minimalist living room, it is often a good idea to pick living room curtains that are similar in color or a shade darker than your walls. More formal, traditional styles may call for contrasts between the curtains and wall or a subtle mixing of the colors.

Consider the Room’s Key Pieces

Another guidepost for choosing your window treatments’ colors is the furniture and other items contained in a given room. Matching custom drapes and curtains to a dominant piece of furniture, for instance, may create unity, while contrasting them can create an appealing balance.

Consider the Mood You Want

An additional consideration is the mood that you want a particular room to inspire. For instance, the office of a creative professional may call for a creativity-stimulating color palette, while many people desire a calming set of colors in their bedroom.

At Better Homes and Gardens, Jessica Bennett suggests red and orange hues for those looking for a spark of excitement, while “pale, neutral shades” lean toward relaxation. Other options abound, so don’t hesitate to do research online and try out different swatches to find the right match. Also keep in mind that even within a single color, different shades may lead toward one end of the excitement-relaxation spectrum or the other.

Getting Curtains and Custom Drapes in Any Color

Carrying a full selection of window treatments, including blackout curtains in a variety of colors, Drapes Place can be your go-to resource the next time you’re looking for an upgrade. Have a question about our inventory or another topic? Just shoot us a message or call (415) 723-1022.

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