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Consider These Color Choices in Your Bedroom

Everyone can benefit from a more relaxing bedroom: A sleeping area that promotes relaxation can lead you to feel calmer at night and more rested in the morning. For a calming bedroom, consider using the following colors, which can be especially effective when combined with room-darkening blackout bedroom curtains and drapes.

Cream Colors

Shades of cream can be both calming and versatile. SFGate’s Lorna Hordos suggests pairing cream with gray for a calming effect. For instance, cream walls might pair well with gray bedroom drapes for your bedroom. Hordos particularly recommends the gray-cream combination if you’re going for a minimalist vibe.

Dark Gray and Blue

For a more striking appearance, dark gray paired with blue is a combination to keep in mind, per Houzz’s Jennifer Ott. Blue is a calming color in itself, and when combined with gray, the appearance it produces is one of a well-put-together yet relaxing room.

Soft Grays

Sticking with the theme of gray, Ott also suggests pairing together various shades of light gray. This is especially valuable in rooms with white walls, where touches of gray can soften the appearance and make the room look “more finished and less institutional,” posits Ott. To find just the right pairings, you can order all sorts of gray bedroom blankets, drapes, furnishings, and custom curtains online.


Pink is another color that makes a room look relaxing and soft. Pink works with a variety of other shades. In particular, Amy Cutmore of Ideal Homes recommends pairing certain “pink tones and pretty peached shades” for a relaxing look. Splashes of pink, such as that found in some floral artwork, can work as well if you’d like a more restrained touch of the color.

Finding the Right Window Treatments 

Need specific window treatments to achieve a relaxing look? For custom bedroom curtains in San Francisco and across the country, you can rely on Drapes Place. Our free swatches can help you test out different, relaxing color schemes in your bedroom, and when you’re ready to order, we can customize curtains and drapes for your bedroom to fit your needs. And free shipping will deliver your new window treatments right to your doorstep. If you have a question about any part of the process, just get in touch. Until then, sweet dreams!

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