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On the Hunt for Custom Drapes?

Carefully chosen window treatments, especially custom curtains and drapes, can be a huge improvement to any room. But how do you go about picking the right ones? The following five strategies can help.


It may be tempting to just go with black or white drapes or curtains—and in many rooms, those colors can be a great choice! But if you’re trying to build a specific color scheme—like one focused on relaxing blues or vibrant yellows, for instance—then don’t forget to keep your desired scheme in mind when choosing window treatments.

Care and Cleaning Needs

Different materials have different needs when it comes to care and cleaning. For instance, some curtains can be thrown in the washing machine, but others require dry cleaning. If you have the time and energy for dry cleaning your curtains, great! That opens up higher-maintenance curtains as an option. But if your bandwidth is lower, there’s nothing wrong with going with washing-machine-friendly options.


It’s impossible to be too careful when it comes to making sure you’re purchasing window treatments with the right measurements. Be sure to take precise measurements before investing in custom curtains or custom drapes.

Energy Efficiency

Many people ask questions like “Where can I find custom curtains near me?” because they want to cut down on utility bills. If your goal is to make your home more energy-efficient, some window treatments will be more suited to the task than others. For instance, people who live in areas with cold winters may benefit from choosing blackout curtains with thick material, as these can trap heat in the home. (The usefulness of blackout window treatments is not limited to trapping warm air, though: They can also reflect heat in the summer and provide noise insulation.)

Your Budget

Whether you’re selecting custom drapes or a readymade option, your budget should, of course, inform your choices. It may be worth it to splurge for a top-of-the-line material if that truly brings the room together, for instance, but if your budget is more conservative, don’t worry: There’s sure to be an option out there that fits both your desired aesthetic and your funding availability.

Drapes Place Has Your Custom Curtains

For custom made curtains and other window options, Drapes Place is standing by to ship the perfect fit right to your door! To learn more about our products, just visit our online shop or give us a shout.

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