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Trying to Choose Colors for Your Blackout Curtains?

If you’re wondering whether to use dark or light custom made curtains for a given window, you’ve come to the right post: This article goes over the advantages of each, and it then looks at how curtain liners can change the performance of a curtain in any color. 


Light curtains have an appearance that is very unlikely to go out of style, and they can make a room feel bigger. Additionally, they are much less prone to fading than dark curtains are. Light curtains are also more likely to incorporate lightweight materials, helping them fall in an attractive manner.

Dark curtains have their selling points, though. As pointed out on Decoist, they can give a room a dramatic, striking look. They can also make oversized rooms feel cozier; for example, dark bedroom curtains might make a giant bedroom have a more relaxing vibe. Additionally, dark curtains are not as affected by dust and dirt.


Light and dark curtains differ in function, as well. For example, if a room receives a lot of undesirable sunlight (and therefore heat), light curtains can bounce sunlight away. That will keep the room cooler. 

Meanwhile, dark curtains are typically more able to block light. They can, for instance, make a bedroom darker at night, especially in the case of custom made curtains that fit a window perfectly.

Curtain Linings

Curtain linings can make curtains of any color adopt certain traits. For example, if you’re after blackout curtains, keep in mind that they are now available in a variety of colors—not just dark ones—thanks to blackout curtain liners, which block both light and cold air. Meanwhile, thermal curtain liners can improve a curtain’s heat retention capabilities in the winter and its ability to block heat from the outside in the summer.

Finally, polycotton liners likewise perform well when it’s both hot and cold. People looking for an affordable solution often gravitate toward polycotton liners.

Finding the Right Custom Made Curtains

Getting the perfect window treatments for your home is easy with Drapes Place. To learn about the custom made drapes and curtains we have to offer, just visit our customization portal, send us a message, or give us a call at 415-723-1022. Free swatches are available to help you find the drapes or curtains of your dreams!

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