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Do Blackout Curtains Actually Save You Money?

While many people are aware that blackout curtains can mitigate light and noise, it is perhaps less well known that they can reduce energy bills as well. But it’s true: The same qualities that help blackout curtains make your home more comfortable can also cut down on what you spend to heat and cool your home.

Blackout Curtains in Colder Months

When the weather is cold outside, blackout curtains can reduce the amount of heat that escapes through your home’s windows. As D├ęcor My Living puts it, these curtains keep “heat inside the room during winter months.” That means that your heating system won’t have to work to continually replenish heat as it leaves through your windows. You can think of blackout curtains as a coat for each room.

Blackout Curtains in Warmer Months

During warm months, blackout curtains can reduce energy bills by blocking sun-induced heat from entering the home. That trait can be particularly useful in sunny areas. For instance, take the Bay Area: Custom blackout curtains can be especially valuable there given that the region receives a lot of sunlight. According to BestPlaces, San Francisco enjoys 259 sunny days per year, while the average US city enjoys just 205. That means that San Francisco has nearly two extra months of sun compared to average American cities!

If the sun sends your air conditioner into overdrive during the summer, then SFGate recommends curtains as a countermeasure. While blackout curtains perform a coat-like function in the winter, they almost act as sunscreen in the summer. As an added bonus, blackout curtains can also protect furniture from premature fading.

Looking for Custom Blackout Curtains?

Interested in custom blackout curtains in the Bay Area made just for your home’s style and needs? Let Drapes Place be your go-to resource. We have been designing and delivering custom window treatments throughout the United States since 2017. To streamline the process, we make window treatments in our workshop and deliver them for free. If you have questions, please use our contact form, email us at, or call 415-723-1022. And if you want to dive in and see examples of our products, check out our online design studio!


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