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Design Tips For Finding The Drapes To Match Your Style

When we talk about home accessories, there is no doubt that custom drapes are vital in the discussion. Not only do they give aesthetic definitions to windows, their functionality is so diverse that choosing one that fits with your home décor depends on so many factors. For your window decorations, custom curtains and drapes can be used and if chosen well, they can tell a story you want to share.

Creating a style for your home comes with so many decisions and having proper and adequate knowledge will help you make the right choice. There are many different drapes styles out there and learning about them will absolutely give you a bigger picture of what to expect and how to make the right decision. Let us check out the various drapes styles, and see the one that may pique your interest.

Traditional drapes styles

These are drapes styles that are more old-fashioned than chic. They come in sophisticated and elegant designs and can be used in homes with vintage décor. Examples are:

  • Box Pleat Drapery

  • Goblet Drapery

  • Rod pocket Drapery

  • Goblet Pleat Drapery

  • Triple Pleat Drapery

Modern drapes styles

These are drapes with a more chic look, as they have designs that depict a modern setting. They come in relaxed, dramatic, simple and complicated designs. Examples are:

  • Euro Pleat/French Pleat/Tailored Pleat Drapery

  • Grommet Drapery

  • 2-Pinch Pleat

  • Inverted Pleat Drapery

  • Tailored Pleat

The drapes style says a lot about your home décor, however, may also depict another style in a different setting. This is to say that when choosing your drapes style, consider your home décor and style. Do you like extravagant, chic or vintage? Or perhaps contemporary is more your preference. Check out for more information on drapes styles.

There are certain elements that influence your drapes style, and they are the fabrics, thickness and the choice of mount. These elements amongst others are vital in finding drapes that will match your style. Let’s check them out.

How to choose fabrics for your drapes

There are many fabrics suitable for drapes, but what makes the difference is where the drapes will be used, how they will be used and what they will be used for. When considering fabrics for drapes, your home décor should come to mind, allowing you to choose what’s best for your home and style.

Different fabrics type for drapes

  • Linen

  • Chenille

  • Cotton Flax

  • Velvet

  • Silk

  • Brocade

  • Heavy silk-textured weave

Things that influence your fabric choice

  • Home décor colors: If most colors in the home are bright, especially the walls, a more dark-toned drape will fit and vice versa.

  • Flame retardant: For drapes in the kitchen, at the entrance or where there is lots of sunlight, less flammable drapes fabric should be considered. You can check if your fabric is flame retardant by checking the fabric label.

  • Pattern of home décor: Patterns should be thoroughly checked to avoid your home looking like a Zebra. Patterns should be mixed with plain fabrics to allow them to blend properly.

  • Functionality of the drapes: Opaque drapes can be used for light filtering, while linens and cottons can be used for light enhancement. Blackouts fabrics, foams and woven fabrics can be used for noise reduction, energy saving, temperature regulation, thermal insulation and so on.

  • Style of home décor: If you are going for an English look, chintz fabrics should be considered. Cherry blossom or silk will go with an Asian look.

  • Aesthetics: The fabrics you choose have to look good in your home; you can hold a fabric up to a window to check its beauty.

  • Weight: Many drapes blunders come from not knowing the exact fabric weight to use. Drapes that are exposed to wind should be heavier to avoid them being blown away all the time. Drapes at entrances where people have to move should neither be too heavy nor too light. The functional status of the drapes will determine their weight.

  • Drapes accessories: Yes, modern day draperies now include accessories like metallic rings (stainless steel, Rose Gold, Copper, Antique Brass etc.) and so on. To ensure the essence of the accessories are justified, the right fabric must be used.

How to select thickness for your drapes

Thickness for your drapes depends on the functions of the drapes, their location, and the style and look you are going for, as well as the window specifications.

Here are some tips on how to select thickness for your drapes

For drapes that will be used to save energy or filter light, blackout drapes or heavily pleated drapes should be used.

  • For drapes that will be at entrances, moderately weaved drapes are cool.

  • Inverted pleats can be used in the living areas to enhance the home décor.

  • Drapes that you want to form a pool at its end will be thick to allow them to pool graciously.

  • For drapes that enhance lights, they must be light in texture.

  • Window frames with metallic accessories should be chosen with heavy drapes.

Drapes come in various thicknesses, which can be checked on their labels.

How to select a mount for your drapes

The mount you choose is important for highlighting your new custom drapes. Not only does the type of mount used tell the style of the home décor,it can also depict the functionality of the custom blackout curtains. There are two types of mount used when hanging drapes:

  • The inside mount: This is uncommon but still a mounting option. The drapes are hung on the curtain rod that is secured within the window frame. Inside mounts are not usually the first consideration, as they do not prevent light from entering, neither do they secure the privacy of your home.

  • The outside mount: This is the most commonly used mounting option for hanging drapes. The drape rod is secured outside the window frame and when the drapes are hung, they create an exquisite and luxurious look. They make the window look wider and prevent light from entering, as well as securing the privacy of your home.

The drapes styles to be considered here depends on what illusion you hope to create with your mounting option. For a tailored or streamlined drapes style, the inside mount can be used. For a fuller and lavish drapes style the outside mount can be used.

Finding the right drapes to match your style is essential to enhance the look of your home. Having the right knowledge and advice can make all the difference in your choice, and hopefully we have given you some knowledge that will help to make it easier. Now, go find the perfect drapes that suit you and your home!

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