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Try these Tips for Better Sleep

For the best night’s sleep that you can get, it helps to modify your bedroom so that it is an optimal sleeping environment. Everything from upgrading your bedroom curtains to repositioning your electronics can play a role in doing that.

The Role of Curtains 

Even at night, your windows can let in light from sources like street lamps and passing cars. That’s where curtains can come in. Specifically, blackout bedroom curtains can fight off light, whether it’s from the sun during a daytime nap or from the aforementioned nighttime sources. They’re so useful that one HGTV writer called them “a mainstay in bedroom designs.”

Blackout curtains are made from thick material so that they can block light. That same trait means they also have some sound-dampening ability, which is a nice bonus: The less noise that can make it into your bedroom, the better. For the best performance, consider investing in custom blackout curtains, which will fit your window snugly.

The Role of Draft Stoppers

Windows aren’t the only thing that can let light into your bedroom. The gap under the door can be another culprit. Here, draft stoppers may be useful: Though they are intended to block drafts, as the name suggests, they can also stop light from entering via the doorway gap.

Reducing Light from Electronics

Not all light comes from sources outside your bedroom. Any electronic device with a screen is capable of emitting sleep-disrupting light as well. One solution is to simply remove any device you don’t need. If a device must stay in your room, though, you can turn it to face a wall or move it as far away as possible from your bed. Light-blocking strips, which can be applied to electronic devices, are another option. And some devices, like laptops, can be completely shut down so that they stop emitting light.¬†

The Role of Lights

Though the previous two sections covered cutting down on light, a pitch-black bedroom can be somewhat dangerous: You don’t want to trip and fall over something you can’t see. Motion-activated lights are a helpful tool in an otherwise light-free room. They’ll turn on when you’re moving around but remain off when you’re trying to sleep.

Obtaining Custom Blackout Curtains

Interested in giving blackout curtains a spin in your bedroom? Drapes Place is a vendor of custom blackout curtains in San Francisco and can ship curtains and drapes across the country. To see what we have to offer, visit our online customization tool, and if you have a question, just use our contact form or call (415) 723-1022. We look forward to helping you sleep better!

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