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These Choices Can Save You Money

Chosen correctly, home decor can reflect your personality while making your home more practical and comfortable to live in. But did you know it can also lower your energy bills? That’s right: Items like custom blackout curtains and other well-designed pieces of decor such as the following can boost the energy efficiency of your home.

Blackout Curtains

Whether you’re in search of living room curtains, bedroom window treatments, or an option for windows in other parts of your home, blackout curtains are an ideal way to make your home more efficient. Their thickness gives them the ability to keep cool air from leaking out in the summer and block cold air from entering during the winter months.

Upgraded Light Bulbs

Light bulbs do a lot for us, like letting us focus during the day and safely move about our homes at night. And choosing the right ones for your decor can even lower your energy bills! For instance, per Elle Decor, energy-efficient LED lights are available in “a variety of beautiful colors” and are well suited for service in table lamps and as task, overhead, and dimmable lighting. Their colors can let you have fun with a room’s mood, and their efficiency can reduce your home’s energy usage.

Well-Placed Furniture

Furniture itself doesn’t use energy, but its placement can make your home more or less of an energy hog. Try to avoid placing furniture on vents, which makes your HVAC system work harder to move air.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are another window treatment option that can make your home more efficient energy-wise. In fact, real estate blogger Anita Ginsburg describes them as “highly functional and versatile” and able to “fit in with any style,” meaning there’s likely an option that will be a fit for your home.

Because of their thick material, Roman shades are excellent at insulating rooms when needed and letting in sunlight when called for. For instance, in areas like San Francisco, Roman shades can block harsh noon sunlight when it threatens to overheat a room but be opened when the sun is at a more pleasing angle. That means they can help naturally warm your home in winter but keep the sun from increasing the warmth of a room in summer.

Find Your Custom Blackout Curtains Online

Whatever your window treatment needs are, Drapes Place is standing by and ready to help. We are a producer and distributor of custom window treatments, and we ship across the United States—for free! If you have questions about our offerings, please send us a message or call us at (415) 723-1022.

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