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Here are Some Trends in 2021

Spring 2021 is here! With it comes the opportunity to embrace new trends, giving your home an updated, refreshed look. This post looks at some ideas you can consider to do just that.

Embrace the Colors of the Year

Recently, the color giant and trendsetting company Pantone named two warm shades of yellow and gray as its 2021 Colors of the Year. After the slog that was 2020, updating your home with fresh yellow custom window coverings or classic-but-friendly gray shades may go a long way toward brightening your 2021.

More Focus on Gathering Spaces

In the coming months, as vaccinations take place and restrictions on gatherings continue to ease, it is likely that people will put a premium on gathering spaces in their homes. To take advantage of this trend, some upgrades to your home’s living room include a games table or extra-plushy seating, according to Elle Decor.

You might also want to put some focus on other entertainment spaces in your home. For instance, installing Roman blinds can make it easy for a spacious sunroom to let in plenty of night in the day but transform into a TV-watching haven during the evening and night.

Stylish Accessories

Elle Decor also advises that “high-style accessories” will become a hot item in 2021. Specifically, lush, layered looks will go a long way toward personalizing and accentuating homes, as will the comfortable seating mentioned previously. Another relevant idea here is to combine high-end custom drapes and curtains in complementary ways.

Plant Power

In their gallery on upcoming design trends, Good Housekeeping highlights plants as home additions that gained prominence in 2020 and will continue to increase in popularity in 2021. They lend a calming presence to any room, and they serve as natural air fresheners.

Drapes Place Can Help You With Custom Drapes in 2021

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