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If there are elements of the house that are often underestimated, but whose presence can make all the difference by giving vitality and style to different environments, these elements are drapes. They can bring a breath of vitality and color in a dark environment or, on the contrary, give it seriousness and elegance according to your needs.

Dressing the windows of the house with drapes or curtains, beyond the practical utility of these elements, is a unique opportunity to embellish and complete the decoration.

So the challenge is finding the perfect drapes and curtains you desire, at the best possible price.

How to choose drapes both functional and elegant?

An interesting question that many of you have probably already asked. The choice of drapes for each room in the house is not always simple and obvious because it’s necessary to consider the type of room, the size of the windows, and the present style.

It’s helpful to be familiar with the different varieties of drapes, as each model has aesthetic characteristics and functionality suited to specific environments. This will allow you to make a conscious and logical choice to create a comfortable and harmonious living space.

You have moved into your new home and would like to dress your windows in a practical and elegant way and are looking for drapes to spice up your interior.

We invite you to browse the following tips, which will help you to choose the drapes and curtains you desire.

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Generally the drapes are present in the living areas, such as the living room or bedroom. The material you use, and whether it has a weave more or less thick, depends very much on the room and the window to be dressed. In a room, several factors will determine the choice of fabric. Does your window have shutters? Do you have vis-à-vis? If your window is equipped with shutters and you only want to protect yourself from view, a simple veiling will suffice. If the shutters are non-existent, it is better to opt for a pair of thick curtains, even blackout drapes that will protect you from daylight. Combining the two on the same rod is an ideal solution.

In a living room, we advise to choose the drapes according to the season.

Light drapes made of linen or cotton are recommended in the spring, while in the fall, we suggest thicker, heavier curtains for a feeling of comfort that will push out the cold, literally and figuratively.

Incidence of sunlight

Although one of the functions of the drapes is to block the sunlight, depending on the fabric chosen, it will fade. So if you just want to reduce the brightness in the environment, the ideal is to opt for light colors and very light fabrics.

If you want to leave the environment darker, the tip is to opt for lining, such as fabric blind or blackout, which blocks the light and still protects the fabric from sunlight.

Even blackout is interesting because there are models that serve as both lining and curtain, one type of fabric on each side, so you don’t have to choose a separate liner curtain.

But remember that when the curtain is dark or has lining, while blocking sunlight, it leaves the environment warmer because it holds the heat of the Sun. So if the room is too small you need to have good ventilation.

How to choose material for drapes

Everything is a question of style. Today, the choice of drapes or curtain materials is vast and you can make your choice accordingly based on the atmosphere you want to create. Thus, the following are to be noted:

  • A nice pair of heavy cotton drapes will inspire a warm and contemporary atmosphere.

  • The velvet curtain’s iridescence will suggest a decoration both plush and cozy.

  • Finally, for a Zen and modern spirit, there’s nothing like a pair of linen drapes.

For good resistance and affordable price, polyester is without doubt the star of the drapes. It is multiform and can take the appearance of cotton, linen, organza, or suede. Practically, it does not fear UV, unlike cotton or linen, which is better to double to avoid discoloration.

Still, it is a matter of preference, as natural materials are always popular. We continue to adore the nice fall of the cowhide cotton and the nobility of linen. It’s very trendy but sometimes expensive.

Lightweight fabrics can bring an amplitude and lightness to any part of your home, and we consider carefully the type of fabric that will suit your lifestyle. The biggest decision when choosing your fabric is to choose between natural or synthetic fibers.

Synthetic fibers

  • Synthetic fibers are the best choice if you are a very busy person who needs practicality and durability.

  • Synthetic fabrics are very easy to wash and dry, always smooth and contributes to improve the aesthetics of the environment.

Natural fibers

  • On the other hand, natural fibers are much more delicate, so they need more attention. Firstly, when buying, make sure the fabric has been pre-shrunk so as not to have any unpleasant surprises after the first wash.

  • In addition, natural fibers may not be the best choice if you have children and pets as there is a greater risk of damage, and washing can have an effect on the fabric too.

Which finish to choose

The carnations have a modern style. Discreet and easy to maneuver, these metal rings create a regular wave and a perfect fall. With its sliding hooks on a rail, the fringed lace curtain is more traditional. Flamenco folds, big pleats pinched on the upper part of the drape or curtain, look voluminous and sophisticated.

In fabric, the knots (small ties to tie) and the legs (passers to put on) have a natural and romantic effect, but they slide badly. You can avoid this by manipulating the drape or curtain every day.


This is definitely the most subjective question among those presented. There are several types of drapes: smooth, with prints, embroidery, etc. Creativity and good taste at the time of choice make a lot of difference.

Tips to color choices

  • You want to keep in harmony with the colors you already have in the room; the color of the wall and other decorative items need to be given consideration. Our experts are available for consultation, and use a color wheel to ensure the perfect match.

  • If you are choosing drapes for your living room, remember that the color of the drapes should match the rug and sofa, for example. In the bedroom, bedding and other decor items are of fundamental importance for your choice.

  • Neutral color curtains are easier to combine with other components and are also suitable for discrete, domestic or professional environments.

Our expert consultants can ensure you choose the right combination of style and elegance to perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you need custom-made drapes, or a more standard look, we can assist you with any style, any size, any color.

So – let’s get started.

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