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Here is Some Inspiration for New Curtains and Drapes

The dawn of a new year presents a great opportunity to try new things in your home, including with its window treatments. Consider finding your custom curtains online to make finding the right new fit a breeze. Keep reading for some ideas to consider in 2021.

Experiment with Color

Because curtains are now available in a huge spectrum of colors, 2021 can be a great time to experiment with color. For example, you might have bright living room window curtains to complement a sunny area of your home, while darker window treatments in your bedroom may create a relaxing mood. Additionally, different colors can let you highlight specific items in a room, or even provide a striking contrast or complement with the walls. If you’re worried about going overboard with color, keep in mind that some curtain sellers provide free color swatches to help you find the right match.

custom curtains online

Combine Window Treatment Types

Some rooms lend themselves well to multiple types of window treatments, so don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations! For example, many combine styles for their living room curtains in San Francisco when they are street level.  Curtains can be combined with retractable shades to create two layers of privacy when desired but let in sunlight when the weather is nice.

Use Drapes

Drapes are the heavy-duty cousin of curtains. They are thicker and therefore have more light-blocking abilities. Many people hang blackout drapes in their bedroom, for instance, to keep the room dark and easier to sleep in. The right drapes can also have noise-blocking properties, as well, so consider using drapes in a part of your home where noise and light tend to be a nuisance.

Consider Roman Shades

If you’d like a streamlined, sophisticated look in a given room, consider installing Roman shades. This type of window treatment is distinct because when the shades are drawn up, they neatly stack, forming folds in a horizontal pattern. Architectural Digest’s Tim McKeough described Roman shades as both “practical” and space-saving, adding to their appeal.

custom curtains online

Get Your Custom Curtains Online

If you’re excited by the above ideas but are wondering, “Where can I find custom curtains near me?” then look no further than Drapes Place. Even if you’re not physically near our store, we deliver across the country. To get in touch, you can use the contact form here, email, or call (415) 723-1022. We look forward to helping you make 2021 an exciting time for your home’s windows!

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