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Looking for Curtains?

Besides the furniture and other items, one crucial aspect of a room’s decor that shapes its overall tone is its curtains. Selecting the proper curtains from among the numerous possibilities can significantly improve a room’s ambiance and beauty. Whether you need lighter curtains for privacy or heavier drapes to block out sunlight, here are some tips to help you make the precise choices to suit your situation.

Select the Right Fabric

The type of fabric that you choose affects the way your curtains look when they are drawn back and the amount of light that gets through when they are closed. For living rooms, you may prefer a lightweight fabric that lets light in but maintains your privacy, while it may be preferable for bedroom curtains to be heavier so less light enters. Custom blackout curtains are woven to completely block out light. Keep in mind that some fabrics are easier to wash and maintain than others. For instance, unlined cotton and synthetic fabrics can generally be machine washed, while wool or silk curtains need to be hand washed in cold water or dry-cleaned.

Consider Colors and Prints

Solid-colored curtains can complement rooms in two ways. To create a harmonic balance of decor, select living room curtains that match the color of the furniture. Alternatively, to draw attention to the curtains, choose colors that contrast with the rest of the room. Curtains with patterns also work well in rooms with solid colors, and solid-colored curtains are effective in rooms with a variety of colors and patterns.

Measure Lengths and Widths

Although curtains that descend precisely to floor level are currently popular, you can also opt for the dramatic effect of curtains that are a few inches too long, or the practical selection of shorter curtains to accommodate the presence of young children. When considering the width of your curtains, measure the window or door frame and then multiply its width by 2 or 2.5 so that the curtains look symmetrical and elegant when they are gathered to the sides.

Add Linings and Accessories

Once you have chosen your fabrics and colors, you can decide whether you want lined or unlined curtains. Remember that linings make curtains heavier and more opaque. You can also add trims and various accessories such as tie-backs to your curtains to make them more individualistic and practical.

Find the Best Custom Curtains Online

The selection of the proper curtains should be a vital aspect of creating harmonious decor in any room. Contact Drapes Place to order high-quality custom curtains online.

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